Kombucha is a delicious, healthy and versatile drink. It is a perfect substitution for soda and works well as a base in a number of drinks and smoothies. Here you can find various kombucha recipes that Zip Kombucha has carefully crafted with flavor and fun in mind. Cheers and enjoy!

Have an exciting and authentic recipe to share with us? (no copying from other sources) Submit it here and if it's as good as you say it is, we'll add it right here and a 32oz growler is on us. 


Rumbucha. Plain Jane Zip Kombucha and spiced rum.

8 oz glass of Plain Jane Zip Kombucha

1 oz of spiced Rum



Mix ingredients together

Pour over ice

Squeeze lime inside and add as garnish

Kombucha twist on Cuba Libre. It is much healthier (and more delicious in our opinion) than coke. 

Power up

Power up smoothie with Zip Kombucha and berries

Power up smoothie with Zip Kombucha and berries


Mimosa with Zip Kombucha

Mimosa with Zip Kombucha

Ziptini Framboise

Martini with Zip Kombucha, Alaskan raspberries and gin

Martini with Zip Kombucha, Alaskan raspberries and gin

16 oz  of Plain Jane or Bluberry Mary Zip Kombucha

1 cup of organic berry mix (blueberries, strawberries and pomegranate) 


Optional. This will give you an extra boost: (chia seeds, flax seeds, spirulina/chlorella, table spoon of coconut oil)

Another option (add 1-2 table spoons of cocoa nibs for a chocolate infusion and iron boost)

Mix all ingredients well in a blender

Add garnish of choice and consume immediately

Enjoy this dairy free smoothie. High in antioxidants and probiotics. This is what your body is craving.


Plain Jane Zip Kombucha

Freshly squeezed orange juice (try blood orange for fun)

Your favorite bubbly

Proportion the three liquids according to needs

Use a flute and relax


Sunday, Sunday, Sunday!

Yes, drink this on a Sunday or whenever the duty calls.






2.5 oz of Plain Jane Kombucha

1 oz of gin

Hand full of Alaskan raspberries

1 oz of bubbly


Blend Gin and raspberries

Add blended mix to shaker along with Kombucha, bubbly and ice

Shake away

Serve in a martini glass with a sugar rim


Peaches and Zip Kombucha ice cream float

Peaches and Zip Kombucha ice cream float


6oz of Plain Jane Zip Kombucha. Chilled

A few slices of frozen organic peaches

A heaping of vanilla ice cream



Can you think of anything better right now? 

Ponder this rhetorical question as you have the most delicious brain freeze ever!